Personal Letters

Personal Letter Marketing - Advertising won’t help keep your existing customers, but our personal letters will.


Imagine your customers getting a letter just like this one every month. They will never forget you.

    Please call (508) 954-1282 or email me at jwhite @ shore.net and let’s get started.

Our service is Personal Letter Marketing

We provide 100 monthly personal USPS letters to the customers and friends of your choice. These letters are stamped, appear hand-addressed, and contain the message of your choice.

A courtesy one page web site, useful even if you already have a web site for community relations, or premium services.

We provide e-mail services, a monthly greeting to your customers.

We organize your presence on Facebook, and event services for your store.

We provide local press release services.

For a small store, these services will help keep your existing customers and bring in new customers, for a great price.

$199 per month. Cancel any time. We take Paypal, credit card, or check.

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